It’s not about how you innovate. It’s about how you innovate again!

Countless articles have been published and countless thoughts shared on the topic of innovation management. For anyone interested, that content is full of excellent advice. So how come companies are still struggling to put their innovation in cruising mode
Going back to the definition of innovation (at least one of many definitions out there), we know that at least 4 things need to happen. First, a new value needs to be created, or captured in a new way. Second, this value needs to be important to someone – your customers, partners, colleagues, etc. Third, it has to be the result of developing an idea from initial thoughts to finalized products (or processes, services, business models, etc.). Fourth, this all needs to happen in a structured way, by following a series of steps, including expert evaluation, enrichment, prototyping and others.


There is a final item on the checklist, whose importance is often overlooked. You need to be able to do it again!


Only by following the same pattern of behavior on each innovation initiative, companies can be sure that their innovation is repeatable, predictable and properly managed.
That key item is what makes a difference between an innovator and a serial innovator.