Design how it works, not only what it looks like

We are dedicated to inclusion of human potentials into the design process in order to co-create tailor made processes and solutions alongside your clients and/or employees. Tackle your innovation culture and design processes starting from challenges or ideas all the way to tested prototypes.

Globally recognized design methodologies
Include the end users into the process
Measure and act upon the intangible values

Design with humans, not just for them

Our 3 steps for a more human design

Understand the (Real) Problem

Establish the foundation for true tailor-made innovation by learning the ways of including the actual users into the process of understanding what their actual needs and challenges actually are.

Co-Create your designs

Once you understand the challenge and the user much better, you will learn how to co-create with people from your team, but also how to include more key stakeholders in the process, like clients, end users, investors and more. Is there a better way to design for someone, rather than designing it with them?

Test and Refine

Before your Co-Created marvels hit the office desks or market shelves, make way for the testing phase, during which we will prototype, test and improve your projects up until the market readiness level, by including even more humans in design.

What can you expect?

Our dedicated team is focused on growing your company by (re)designing your projects or entire design processes.

Custom Design Workshops

Immersive experience where teams can collaboratively explore problems and generate solutions to test.

UX Design Deliverables

Creation of detailed User Experience (UX) designs and wireframes for products, processes and services.

Tailored Innovation Roadmaps

Outlines a strategic plan for innovation, based on the insights gained from the design workshops.

Digital Collaboration Platforms

Facilitate seamless interaction and idea sharing among teams, regardless of their physical location.

Culture Coaching & Mentoring

Ongoing support and guidance aimed at fostering a culture of innovation within the client's organization.

Prototype Development

Offering services to help clients create both physical and digital prototypes of their innovative ideas.

Designing success at every scale

Why is Business Design important?


or more improvement in customer satisfaction rates is experienced by businesses that invest in customer experience design, demonstrating the value of putting users first. [Forrester Research]


higher total returns to shareholders are reported by top-quartile design-centric companies, underscoring the significant financial advantages of incorporating design thinking into business strategies. [McKinsey Design Index]


higher performance than the S&P index over ten years is achieved by design-led companies, showcasing the power of strategic design in driving financial success. [Design Management Institute]

Start (re)designing your Innovation process today!

Instead of trying different methodologies forever, streamline your path from discovery to action with Lusidea's approach to Business Design.