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We specialize in offering Innovation Management as a Service (IMaaS), a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the innovation process within organizations of all sizes.

Extensive Innovation Management framework
Holistic, long-term approach to innovation
ISO 56000 compliant Innovation Management

We own the framework

Our 3 steps for turning "what-ifs" into tangible and measurable value

Building the Innovation Foundation

At the Frame stage, we set the stage for innovation. Think of it like drawing the blueprint before building a house. We work with companies to create a clear innovation strategy, structure their innovation teams, and put in place the best ways to come up with and develop new ideas. This involves using a tried-and-tested innovation framework that's in line with international standards.

Expanding and Enhancing Innovation Operations

In the Scale phase, we help companies grow their innovations. This isn't just about making things bigger; it's about making them better, too. We assist in applying new technologies, fostering collaboration, and ensuring a thriving ecosystem around the innovations.

Elevating Innovation Standards

The Improve stage is all about raising the bar. Our ISO 56000 compliant Innovation Management framework guides companies to not only learn and implement the best innovation practices but also to maintain high-quality standards in all their innovation processes and interactions.

Why Innovation Management

Innovation management plays a crucial role in driving business growth and success. Here are some key statistics that illustrate the significant impact of effective innovation management practices:

executives believe innovation is essential to their organization's success and growth. (McKinsey)
of the top 20% of innovation companies have a well-defined innovation strategy. (PwC)
of global executives believe a lack of skills is an issue restricting their ability to innovate. (GE)
of marketers believe their biggest barrier is their inability to measure impact. (Gartner)

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