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We connect our knowledge in the field of innovation, AI and human-centric design to provide you with the cutting-edge customized AI Innovation platforms on-demand.

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Automated end to end innovation management

An ultimate innovation management suite with flexible mix of automated services, tools and templates tailored to your unique needs.

Custom Innovation Management Solution

We work with clients to create a practical solution tailored to industry and specific challenges. This involves determining the right engine for their needs, what data is essential, and prioritizing the initial focus areas.

Custom Automated Tools and Workflows

We help you build systems that gradually moves towards more autonomous systems. These automated workflows can help clients increase their efficiency and reduce workload for internal teams.

Collaborative Innovation

Based on feedback and real needs, we help you create an automated and AI-driven innovation engine that can be used across organisation.

Efficiency Inflation

By utilising our tools in a defined space, companies can achieve a significant competitive advantage. This leads to faster, more efficient innovation management.

Why Automated Innovation?

Automation can increase the pace of innovation by eliminating bottlenecks and enabling the seamless integration of automation across the organization.

of organizations are in piloting or production mode with Generative AI (Gartner)
of companies report that using workflow automation gives them a strong competitive advantage (McKinsey)
the average company saves $46,000 annually due to automation (Statista)
of executives believe innovation is essential to their organization's success and growth (PwC)

Explore Use Cases on Spark Innovation Hub

Meet Spark Innovation Hub, our own B2C platform for self-service innovation you can use as a window into the potential of your future AI-supported Innovation Management platform. Here are some of the tools to check:

Trend Discovery

Gain valuable insights to understand markets, industries and trends.

Idea Generation

Automated idea generation and brainstorming process

Strategic Foresight

Uncover future perspective of markets, industries and trends.


Define key objectives and results for your teams

Customer Journey

Understand your customers and their needs.

Empathy Map

Generate a full user profile aligned to confirmed design methodologies.

How Might We Tools

Generate solutions based on your challenges or ideas.

Business Model Canvas

Explore new business models that align with the market perspective.